Tuesday, 20 March 2012

So its been kinda a while since my last post so i dicieded too make this one count.
Latly i have made lots of progress on fight my monster like i have improved my cards and now most of them are either black or galaxy burst white.
If you want to be buddys with me on fight my monster go on PLAYERS and search: Luigi999 (BTW thats my name on the game).
if it does not work you can e mail me your name at (robinko@hotmail.co.uk).

So in the game the number one thing is to be argonized in this video it will show you how to organize your deck of cards.

It is kinda a easy game when your used to it but when you start it can be to understand battling and other kinds of stuff that you know you will mess up like me when i started i was thinking that you used your keypad to fight!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Fight my monster

Fight my monster is a fun online game it is for kids 7-11 years old.
It can be free but if you want to do extra things you will have to pay.
The aim of the game is to grow care and battle monsters with other people the more times you win the more powerful your monster will get.
Down below there is a video that explains what happens when you are battling and how to win

This guy is called Tempy and you will be seeing his wideos alot in my blog on FIGHT MY MONSTER
This is my first post